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About us

Family History

We grew up in a family in which social justice was advocated.  Our family instilled in us the importance of helping and respecting people, animals and the environment. We both love fashion as our exposure to the fashion industry has been multi-generational.  Our family taught us about business and turning our creativity into ideas that would be fulfilling for us and others as well. They encouraged us to follow our hearts, believe in ourselves and not let our age stop us from making our dream a reality. 

That's when Skylar Morgan was born.    

Skylar Morgan is a way to meld both into one. Clothing that makes a difference. Clothing with a cause. We want our clothing to be walking billboards  of awareness, empathy and change.

Skylar Morgan will speak for the voiceless, help those who cannot help themselves, plant seeds of encouragement and be a conduit for not only change, but action. When we decided to create our own clothing line, we thought about how we could turn our clothes into something bigger than ourselves.   

We want our clothes to make statements and support existing movements. We decided to dedicate a percentage of our proceeds to a different charitable organization or cause each month that would be displayed on our site. We feel it's important that people know where their money is going to and feel good about their purchase.   

Each of us has an opportunity to make a difference.  

Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Much Gratitude,

Skylar and Morgan